This Isn't Over, Not By A Hot Minute

  Welcome to Joshua Kane This website is another step in my progress toward seeing to it that Joshua Kane Feuerstein achieves all of the fame he seeks to achieve on social media and the internet in general.

Joshua feuerstein has made a name for himself on social media where is evangelical preaching and is garnering of followers. Along with Joshua's hardcore preaching Joshua has also become known for his hardcore right-wing politics. On many occasions he blatantly spews the two of them together in spite of the fact that they are both diametrically opposed.

If Joshua was simply another Evangelical preacher I probably would not have taken the time to put this website together. But Josh Feuerstein is not just another Evangelical preacher. There is one significant difference Josh chooses to victimize not just the people I follow him but also he chooses to victimize innocent people. You see, while Josh is not preaching and evangelizing, Josh is busy working other schemes and working on other exploits to use somebody else's misfortune for his financial gain.

In the history of the Fallen Evangelical preacher, they have all had one universal rule in common. they only fleece those who follow them. Josh's brought the world of Evangelical preaching to a whole new level of narcissism and greed. In Joshua's particular new brand of religion, Joshua is innocent, everybody else is not. From go fund me scams two statements while preaching about how women should "Divorce their sinning husbands.", Joshua Feuerstein brings his brand of evangelism to a whole new level of scumbag.


On first look at the site one can see that it is specifically designed for input not just from me but from everybody as this site continues to grow so too will the momentum continue to grow to bring to light the schemes the scams and the abuses of Josh fierstein's Ministry.

Josh feuerstein wants to use social media to spread his presence across the internet. That's fine. Two Can Play That Game. I developed this site specifically with the mission up providing a platform for others on the internet to provide input and share information. If you look on the bottom of each page, you will know that there is a Facebook plugin. Wild Josh fierstein continues to organize his followers on his Facebook page so to do I intend to organize his detractors on this website.

Why do I Pursue Joshua So vigorously?

I am often asked why it is that I want to pursue Josh so vigorously. The answer to that question is quite simple. Josh does not simply harm followers but Josh also harms innocent victims. Josh's preaching includes, but is not limited to, homophobic rants, transphobic sentiment, and in some of his sermons he even attempts to convince spouses to end their marriages. This creates a dangerous precedent in that Josh is able to garner a following of people who are emotionally fragile, and depend on Josh's guidance to strengthen their spiritual faith. In doing so they also depend on Joshua to do their thinking for them. When Joshua does thinking for anybody else only Joshua wins. This self-centered narcissistic behavior is damaging not only to those who listen, but can also jeopardize the well-being of others who are not there, not listening, and not participating. 2008 Joshua has been known to urge followers to physically attack such individuals as abortion doctors , homosexuals , and transgender people. This behavior has thus far been a legally acceptable because Josh claims freedom of religion.

This type of preaching raises major concerns not just with those who hear it but also those aforementioned two are indirectly impacted by it the other great concern is that it's not just Josh speaking these words. To further Josh's cause Josh encourages his followers to repeat those words to new followers it is in that manner that Joshua can insulate himself from any harm that is done as a direct result of the message that he provided. While preaching, Josh strenuously advises that his followers obey every suggestion that he provides them. What those followers obey the suggestions of he provided add that causes harm to others Joshua then disavow any knowledge or any responsibility for the harmful actions that have taken place as a direct result of the words he spoke and the ideas that he perpetuated.

We must be very clear as to who is Joshua's potential victims are. His pool of victims is not limited to homosexuals, transgender people. And single mothers. Joshua's had a history of preaching Prosperity Gospel, where any requires his followers to give him certain amount of money in order to be right with God. In doing so he financially victimizes not only his followers, but those to whom those followers have financial obligations.

It is much as I have been clear about Joshua I must also be clear about myself. This is not some activity undertaken because I am bored. This is certainly not an attempt to garner any money in the form of donations. All expenses incurred in the production of this website are paid by me out of pocket from the wages that I earn on my regular job. Introducing his website I am acutely aware of my responsibility toward society as such I will undertake that responsibility without passion or prejudice. I will make sure to use every resource at my disposal to see to it that Joshua Kane Feuerstein she's less success tomorrow then he did today. I am acutely aware of who I am dealing with. I'm dealing with a narcissist who insist that he does not want to play fair. And that is quite fine. I don't need to play fair either. I am acutely familiar with the likes of Joshua Kane Feuerstein. If its wealth he seeks I will provide him with a wealth of humiliation if it is fame he seeks I will provide him with that fame.

I have no intention of letting up until I see Joshua Cain Feuerstein cast into the hell of his own obscurity. and when Joshua takes that fall, I will be there. You see there is one distinct advantage that I have over Joshua. Only part of me can be seen. The part that is disgusted by his hateful rhetoric, and Damning rants is openly visible to all of the public the other part of me, the part that knows Joshua's lusts, is acutely aware of Joshua fears, and knows all too well how to exploit them both,can appear anywhere at any time. You see I don't have to harm Joshua. I don't have to threaten Joshua. All I have to do is appeal to Joshua's lusts. On a personal note to Joshua himself, don't bother looking for me, I am too far away for you to see. And yet I am close enough that you'll feel my breath down your fat sweaty neck. Welcome to the hell of your own obscurity Joshua. My name is Errol and I'm going to be your guide.

Blast From The Past! I Threw My Cinematic Debut on The Site

Mad props to the awesome woman running the camera and cracking up in the background. Jocelyn Nicole Nickle did an awesome job of filming the footage and critiquing the women's apparel while shooting.

Because I know Joshua will at some point be visiting the site to see how his name is being used, feel free to click on that image of me. there's not nearly as much area to click on as your pictures, but i have all the confidence in you.

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